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Earth Science Week 2012
Earth Science Week Blog
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November 15, 2012
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12:12 PST
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Blog Highlights

During Earth Science Week 2012, 19 Earth Explorers gave first-hand accounts of their experience at work, in the field, and in school. Click the links below to navigate to their stories.

REEL Science Communication Contest
Ginger Butcher challenges students to share their video production talents

Believing in Your Research
Atmospheric scientist Brian Kahn discusses the challenges of writing research proposals

The Interesting Questions
Physicist Bryan Killett has learned that the path to knowledge starts with asking questions.

How I Became a Woman@NASA
Educator Sarah Crecelius reflects on how she became part of Women@NASA

A Happy Accident
Graduate student Adelaide Clark reflects on her path into science

Let it Snow
Earth scientist Gail Jackson finds immense beauty in her work

Intuition, Creativity, and Science
Analyst Jason Tackett discovered how creativity is needed not only in music but in science as well.

The Struggles and Rewards of Telling a Story
NASA video producer Ryan Fitzgibbons shares some of the greatest lessons he has learned

Finding Answers to Earth’s Biggest Questions
An unexpected opportunity as a postdoc led Michael Gunson to NASA and a career as an atmospheric scientist

From Thunderstorms to Landslides
Physical scientist Dalia Kirschbaum discovered how her fascination nature could help people

The Road of a Story Teller
How Jefferson Beck’s unusual path led him to NASA, where he works as a video producer

Break Dancing, Climate Science, and Working at NASA
Los Angeles native Josh Fisher shares his unique story and talks about being a climate scientist

California Dreamin’
Climatologist Bill Patzert dreams big and discusses his background in oceanography

Discovering Earth Science
Undergraduate Alex Popinga gets first-hand experience with NASA’s Student Airborne Research Program

A Big Fish in a Small Pond No Longer
Air quality scientist Erica Alston embraced her love for math and science and found a career at NASA

To the Ends of the Earth
Operation IceBridge project manager Christy Hansen travels to the Arctic and Antarctica

Standing on Thin Ice
Polar scientist Thorsten Markus makes measurements in Antarctica

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