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Earth Science Week 2012
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How to use these blog posts
Suggestions for creating classroom activities
October 8, 2012
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12:02 PST
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Exciting and interesting new blog entries will be posted throughout Earth Science Week.
Our blog authors represent a wide variety of Earth science careers, from scientists to engineers to educators and more. You will learn first hand about each author’s professional background, scientific research and typical workday.

There are many ways to create classroom activities around these blog posts. In addition to those you may already plan to use, here are two other suggestions:

• On any day during the week, have students read the blog posts. Working in small groups, ask them to identify two things they learned from those posts. Within their group, have them write a follow-up question to ask one of the Earth explorers and post that question in the comments section on the blog. This exercise encourages higher order thinking and engagement with written materials.

• Have students read the blog posts and either individually or as a group choose one to focus on. Have them brainstorm what other related careers or topics the Earth explorer could have pursued or studied. For example, if an Earth explorer has a degree in Oceanography, what are other Earth science careers they could have? Or, if the Earth explorer studies ocean currents, what other questions about the ocean could they investigate?

If you have other ideas on how to incorporate blog posts into learning activities, please share them in the comment section below.

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