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Explore - Interactives highligting different aspects of global warming and global climate change.
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Plant stress
Plant stress
Doctor says: Signs of early drought

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Hardy bugs
Hardy bugs
Ancient microbes found in Antarctic lake

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Images of change
Images of change
Flooding, Dominican Republic
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Drygalski Ice Tongue, Antarctica
Earth wallpaper of the week

Pineapple Express
Satellite captures onset of 'atmospheric ...

Shrinking ice
Study finds continuing loss at both pole ...

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Balmy November assures 2012 to be hottest
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Arctic becoming warmer, greener

Human fingerprint of global warming stronger than ever
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Smart students, cool ideas
Contest helps startups cross 'Valley of Death'

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Communications From The Field
Finding the plot
Climate change makes headlines, but not so much box office or TV hits. In an effort to inject more realistic climate-related story arcs into the silver screen, NASA climate experts and Hollywood entertainment writers and producers came together last month to chat.

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